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  • Are the crystals I purchase already charged?
    Yes. Seasons Kiss crystals have been charged and ready to ship to its customers. However, one of the first things that you should do when you begin working with crystals is to cleanse your crystals. Because Seasons Kiss carries "rough" stones and crystal that are unpolished and in their truest form, we do not recommend water cleansing. Water cleansing is better suited for polished stones. Water can damage your rough crystals. That said, we recommend smoke using of sage, or palo santo. Light using sunlight or moonlight. Vibration using sound waves. Lastly, nature by burrying the stone. The burrying method is used when a crystal or stone has been used during ceremonies to assist with illness. Burrying the stone is a process of returning the stone to the earth and would not apply to new stone use unless otherwise retrieved from a mine.
  • How do I connect with my crystal?
    Your crystal, your energy. After you've cleaned your crystal, spend time with your crystals Your crystals will come to know your energy and connect with you on a metaphysical level your body and mind will respond to. This comes from handling you stones daily. Study the meaning, and purposes of your stones and include them in your daily life. For example: if you have trouble consentrating, invite your crystal into your atmosphere during projects that you would typically find stressful. You wil find yourself drawn to certain crystals. That crystal is open to you and a connection has been made. Enjoy!
  • What does it mean to burn sage stick?
    The proper term is smudging. We smudge to clear/cleanse our energetic field of negative energy. We believe that your process for removing negative energy is ceremonial and very personal. Our XL 9" sage sticks have been adorned with sari silk in a variety of colors enrich your ceremonial experience.
  • What are manifestation candles?
    Manifestation candles are candles that have been hand pored, include herbs, resins and minerals and have bee reiki charged with energy to support your particular intentions in areas of: (releasing the old and embracing new paths, transitiong from challenging times; a new, welcoming abundance, fast cash, and or attraction and love. Manifestation candles are very beautiful, relaxing and also serve you.
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